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Foster care may be a part of our past, but it does not define our future.

The Winston Rhea Scholarship honors Winston Williams and Catherine Rhea and the impact they had on a former foster youth, Daniel Harris.


What is the Issue?

400,000+ children are currently in the foster care system in the United States. Less than 3% of those will obtain a college degree, less than 1% will obtain an advanced degree. One in five will be homeless within 6 months of exiting care. One in five of the females will end up pregnant before age 21. One in four of the males will have been arrested at some point before age 25.

Where we come in

The stats facing foster kids exiting care are grim, Winston Rhea strives to help foster kids overcome that by providing a support network, community, funding, and guidance to help them navigate exiting foster care and entering the adult world.

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