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Foster care may be a part of our past, but it does not define our future.

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65% of children in foster care experience 7 or more school changes from elementary school to high school

3% of foster youth receive a college degree. Less than 1% receive an advanced degree

25% of foster youth will be in prison within two years of emancipation

The Winston Rhea Scholarship honors Winston Williams and Catherine Rhea and the impact they had on a former foster youth, Daniel Harris. 

Winston Williams met our founder, Daniel, on the basketball court and was always willing to trust and take a chance on him. This paternal instinct led to the opening of his home to Daniel when foster care was no longer an option for him. Catherine Rhea acted as Daniel's Guardian ad Litem for 9 years until he signed out of foster care in 2009. Even though their relationship began through the South Carolina Department of Social Services, her steady guidance, tough love, and unwavering support resulted in a lasting, maternal relationship. These two individuals enabled Daniel the opportunity to take a risk on himself, and earn a Bachelor Degree in Communications from Lander University and then earn a Master Degree of Education from Columbia College (SC). Through these impactful relationships, Daniel was able to use education to change his life and successfully transition out of foster care.

To honor them, Winston Rhea Scholars strive to provide current and former foster youth the tools to transition from foster care into adulthood by offering educational opportunities, community support, independent living skills, and mentorship.

Foster care may be a part of our past, but it does not define our future. 

Scholarship applications for the 2022-2023 school year have closed. Applications for the next school year will be made available in January 2023.


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