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When Can I Apply?

The scholarship application window is open every January 5th - March 1st. Applicants can apply anytime within the application window. Once closed, applications will not be accepted until the following year. All documentation must be submitted within the application window.

What are the eligibility requirements for Winston Rhea Scholars?

  • There is no GPA requirement to apply for Winston Rhea. We are focused on your future, and understand your high school or college GPA does not reflect your potential.

  • The applicant must be under age 23 years of age during the application year. Applicants aged seventeen (17) years old can apply with a guardian's signature.

  • The applicant has lived in foster care while living in the United States.

  • The applicant had either (a) lived in public or private foster care for the twelve (12) consecutive months leading up to and including the applicant's eighteenth (18th) birthday; OR (b) was adopted or placed into legal guardianship from foster care after the applicants thirteenth (13th) birthday, OR (c) was orphaned for at least one (1) year at the time of Recipient’s eighteenth (18th) birthday.

How Do I Apply?

The application process is divided into three parts:

Part A
Complete the online application during the application window.

Part B
Provide your digital documents to verify your eligibility status. The following documents are required on or before the application deadline:

High School Transcript
College Transcript (if applicable)
Proof of Foster Care Status
Application Essay (Personal Statement)
Professional Headshot Photograph
Two (2) Letters of Recommendation

Additional information about the required documents will be emailed to each applicant after they complete the application.

Part C
Complete interview process after the application window has closed.

How will I know my application
has been received?

​Winston Rhea will communicate with all applicants via email that their application was received and communicate next steps in the application process. If applicants have any questions, they can email

When will I know if I was awarded a scholarship? When will funding begin?

After the application window closes, all scholars who finished their application will be contacted to schedule a zoom or phone interview.  Scholars will be notified of award offers in April and will be announced and celebrated in May. Support will start in May with the awards being paid in August and  January of every year.

What can this scholarship be used towards?

Winston Rhea Scholars funds can be used towards college tuition, professional development, housing, transportation,  or as deemed appropriate by Winston Rhea Staff. Each scholar will meet with WR staff every semester for a goal setting meeting, where funding and support will be discussed and agreed upon. 

What are the requirements to remain eligible for Winston Rhea?

We at Winston Rhea understand that there will be bumps along the way to helping you accomplish your goals. There is no GPA requirement for Winston Rhea and that is intentional. Each scholar is required to have bi-weekly check-ins with Winston Rhea Staff as well as semesterly goal setting meetings, and be enrolled in post secondary education, a trade program, professional certification, or working at least 20 hours per week.

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